Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

NewViews Education and Technology -Medical is a German company based in Stuttgart, where we distribute a wide range of medical equipment of top Medical Manufactures in the World. We are specialists in supplying new and used medical equipment for hospitals, clinics and primary care that integrate with the buildings and building services. Our specialist fields include medical lighting, medical audio-visual systems, medical power systems, operating theatre control panels, medical pendants and medical architectural equipment.

In addition to supplying the Middle East customers with our high quality medical equipment from the largest and most prominent manufacturers in Europe, NewViews imports outstanding overseas products from Japan. Our wide range of imported equipment includes cardiology, urology, respiratory care, anesthesiology, emergency care, sports medicine and rehabilitation. Our extensive International sales network consists of over 50 direct sales staff with over 9 offices throughout the distribution regions.

Medical lighting includes:

Operating theatre lamps, mobile operating lamps, minor surgical lamps, examination lamps, 500nm cell safe lights, bed head lights and medical room lighting.

Medical control & power products include:

Stainless steel, membrane and touch screen operating theatre control panels , surgeons control panels, isolated power systems, UPS, MEIGaN components, battery backup and emergency power systems.

Medical AV includes:

Our Symposia® - Digital Media for Healthcare systems, iDAVS Integrated Digital Audio Visual Systems for Healthcare, VAiPOR Video and Audio over IP for Operating Rooms, i2i- Isolated to Integrated Video and Audio Management Hub iR³ Integrate, Record, Retrieve, Review, Video Archiving Systems.

Medical architectural equipment includes:

All types of medical pendants including anesthetist's pendants, surgeon's pendants, resuscitation pendants, intensive care pendants, articulated pendants, rigid pendants and retractable pendants.

NewViews Edutec- Medical has a dedicated team of staff to carry out installation, commissioning and maintenance work in hospitals including servicing on all types of operating theatre lamps and isolated power systems.

NewViews Edutec- Medical supply to the NHI (National Health Institution), private hospitals, clinics and to primary care (family doctors) throughout the world. Our products are widely exported to the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, Scandinavia, India, Australasia, Eastern Europe, South America and the European Union Countries.

Innovation & Design

NewViews Edutec- Medical is one of the leading distributors in the Middle East and has a strong reputation for good service and innovation and commitment.

Values & Strengths

Our teams have a strong desire to do the "right thing" and to deliver the promises that we make. We maintain very high levels of knowledge & technical expertise to deliver integrated solutions that work. We aim to build on the traditional German values of high quality, trustworthiness and to build strong partnerships with our customers and strategic partners.

Our Expertise

We maintain the highest levels of expertise to enable us to deliver on our values. Our medical technology skills span research, design, electronics, IT, lighting, engineering, software, AV, manufacturing and building services.

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